philippe-miraBrazilian press reported, last July 12, that MMA fighter Philippe Mira felt ill and died during a treadmill exercise in a gym club in Brazil. The episode occurred during the first 10 minutes of training. In a statement, the facility regretted the incident and said he was up to date with his medical certificate which is mandatory to go to a gym club in Brazil. The athlete would attend the Floripa Black Belt, in September 4th.

For a layperson, the first thought would be that the exercise itself must have killed him. Nevertheless, the exercise might have triggered some process that led to his death instead. The athlete was a black belt in jiu-jitsu and had won many championships around the world and used to exercise on a daily basis.

He may have been stricken with a sudden death triggered by some symptons he probably already had. Sudden death may be defined as the death that suddenly occurs without foresight, with no signs of trauma or violence and can affect adults and children. Despite recent studies on the subject, not all the nuances of these episodes have yet been uncovered. When this is done, it may be possible to predict and prevent them.

Meanwhile, the best alternative is to practice exercise safely, preferably under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

What physical activity do you practice? Have you ever felt bad during its practice?