From a physiological point of view – and psychological too – we all have a circadian cycle, also known as biological clock that determines the most productive times to perform many different tasks. That’s why there are people who wake up early and are ready for the rest of the day and people who sleep too much and spend all day still sleepy. This happens with all of our activities. Exercising is not different from that, whatever exercise you may perform!

relogio-biologicoAs it is regulated by the hypothalamus and differs from person to person, exercising will be more productive for each person in different times of the day. It’s impossible to determine the best exercising time for each one, except for the sensation experienced during training. To determine this, try to train at many different times during a week or two. Rate your sensations concerning mood, number of exercises performed, exercise intensity and everything else which might determine training was “productive.” Check the time of day when you had a better performance and, most likely, this will be your best time to exercise!

What is the best training time to for you?