proteinaWith strong and slender men and women taking part in supplements advertisements, it is impossible not to sell them! But most all supplements, including whey protein are considered “food for athletes”. Besides, scientific studies are controversial, that is, some show the benefits of these products , others haven’t found reliable results. Despite this and the recommendation of nutritionists that a balanced diet can meet the nutritional needs of non- athletes, they are easy sources of nutrients for those who want to gain muscle mass.

It’s not possible to stop this demand even because of the placebo effect products may cause. But they really can work, provided you are well-oriented by a specialist – a nutritionist. Anyway, and assuming that product labels really bring what they advertise, here are some tips for you to make a good whey protein purchase:

• Consult a nutritionist for the best supplementation strategy.

• What is good to others may not be good to you .

• Cost-effectiveness: prefer those with more protein and less carbs per portion with the lowest price.

• Whey protein do not need to be 0 % carbohydrate . You need carbs in your diet!

• Check the composition according to the size of the portion. Some may offer a large percentage of protein, but the portion is much larger.

• Yes, you may get fat with whey protein if protein intake is greater than the absorption capacity of your body.

A good diet and intense strength training are still the best strategy for muscle hypertrophy, but if you follow these recommendations, you’ll be able to experience the benefits of whey protein.

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