hipertrofiaMany weight training practioners don’t know de amount of protein and calories necessary to achieve hypertrophy and gain muscle force. Many papers are conducted to study the optimum amount of nutrients necessary to achieve these goals.

When it comes to the quantity of calories to achieve hypertrophy, it is necessary a daily ingestion of some 44 to 50 kilocalories per kilo (Kcal/Kg) of body mass. If you think about a 80kg person, this means an average of  4.000Kcal per day, much more than the nutritional recomendations for people who are not engaged in any physical activity. It is necessary 1,2 to 2 grams of protein per kilo of body mass every day, totalling  a daily amount of 160g of protein for a 80Kg person.

Among the protein sources, whey protein hás the highest biological value, that is, its ingestion quickly synthetizes protein within human tissues, beyond providing all the essential aminoacids for the well functioning of the body, when compared to the whole milk or to casein, the prevailing protein in the cow milk.

In order to ingest a satisfactory daily amount of protein, whey protein may be a good strategy to those willing to enhance muscle mass and strength. And believe it, whey protein works!