i-run-50-miles-a-weekThis was the answer I heard from one of my first athletes when He was asked how he used to train. First of all, don´t get scared: elite athletes run much more than this and it makes only an average of 7 miles/day, quite fair for those running for results.

However, the focus is on another point: anyone who´s got a goal running must have a well structured program to follow and it should be made by some specialized professional who might guide the training on a daily basis as well. Just go out and run will bring results but not to an extent wanted by most of the runners. Besides, one is likely to get injured more often when running ramdomly.

The results of a structured training may be proved very sooner mainly regarding running economy: you will spend less energy and this might lead you to many other results – performance and weight loss. That is primarily because you´ll have a decreased perceived exertion which allows you to train more intense and that´s a good parameter of your training progression.

Look for a trainer to prescribe your running program which may be done on-line from whatever part of the globe.

How many miles do you run each week?